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Achieve Conversational Fluency! 

Start speaking from day one!

We get it.  You've probably tried, language apps, podcasts, tv shows, and books but you still can't have a normal conversation in Spanish without freezing up.  You're not alone.  The truth is, no one becomes conversationally fluent that way. However, learning to speak and listen in your target language is definitely achievable through conversation. That's why most people believe the fastest way to learn a language is through immersion.  With courses and content based on immersion principals, users can become conversational as fast as they want, based on their own needs and current level of fluency, from beginner to advanced. With VidaLingo, our goal is to make it simple and convenient for users to acquire conversational skills and become comfortable in their target language wherever they are.  Take learning into your own hands and open new doors, new experiences, new cultures, and new friends.

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Beginner 1.1 Conversational

Learn to Speak about your life in simple pargraphs!

By the end of this 4 week course you will be able to actively participate in a short conversation with basic information about yourself!  How do I start a conversation, say what's up, tell where I'm from, my name, age and details about myself, without sounding like a total gringo? 
For true beginners, start here and find out!

Beginner 1.2 - Conversational

Speak about details and descriptions of partners/acquaintances or someone you love!

Learn to speak about yourself and describe others in detail.  Learn direct and indirect object pronouns and why they're important to your Spanish sentences! It may sound scary, but it's not!  Sign up and learn the lingo!

Beginner 1.3 - Conversational

Speak about yourself, your routines and what you do.

This block has a ton packed into it and will take your Spanish up a notch!  Learn about regular and irregular verbs as well as reflexive verbs.  For English speakers, this can be a difficult concept to understand, but this course will help you start thinking a little more in Spanish and includes an important knowledge checkpoint at the end.


Intermediate 1.1 - Conversational

Welcome to Intermediate Spanish!

This course will start to blend past, present and future tenses. Learn to speak about past actions or experiences, while also speaking about your future plans.  Learn the necessary conjugations to discuss actions you will do versus what you would like to do.   This is a huge lesson with a ton of benefit for an intermediate speaker!


Intermediate 1.2 - Conversational

Speak about abstract aspects, such as decisions, difficulties or situations.

Dive deeper into the past with preterite and imperfect tenses of regular and irregular verbs.  This is tough lesson for many native English speakers when learning Spanish. However, once you understand this topic and start practicing it in conversation, your confidence to speak Spanish will skyrocket!  We will break this one down to clear up the English/Spanish confusion and get you a step closer to thinking in Spanish. 

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